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Sound design is a fundamental part of most videos. The quality that you have when it comes to sound affects how well people can understand what is being communicated in the video.

The sound design of a video is what you rely on to communicate the meaning of the story. Imagine watching an interview if the sound was so low you couldn’t hear what was being communicated. You would be lost, and it would be difficult to understand what was going on.

This can be a major turn-off for viewers and could cause them to stop watching the video altogether.

Great sound is not achieved by random coincidences, it’s designed. The importance of this design cannot be overstated.

Sound design is all about enhancing videos with sound effects and music that guide viewers from scene to scene, increase suspenseful moments, and generally draw more attention to certain parts of the story being told.

In order for videos to have good sound design, they need audio that will stay consistent throughout – without any background noise or other distracting sounds and frequencies that might be coming from various sources.

When designed correctly, sound communicates the emotional state of a character, sets the tone for an entire scene, and can be used to drive a narrative forward.

At MEA we combine over 20 years of audio engineering excellence with unique algorithms that combining cutting-edge Machine Listening, Artificial Intelligence and custom audio effects to ensure your audio is heard loud and clear.