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Brands work with influencers because they are capable of reaching a wide variety of people in a short amount of time. They’re much more affordable and less risky than traditional advertising.

Influencers have grown in popularity over the last few years, with some even being more followed than celebrities. Brands can use them to promote their products for a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone to do specific roles found in an advertisement campaign.

Influencers are able to get a brand’s products in front of a large audience.  Find influencers who are well-known and respected in their niche and then trust them to promote their product. To assess the potential reach, brands might provide the influencer with an analytics report that shows who they currently reach and how often they’re engaging on social media.

Influencers are seen as the most effective way of reaching audiences with a message. They have influence on their followers and can help increase brand awareness with their online communities.

If you have a global business and you want to appeal to a specific audience, influencers may be your best bet.