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A corporate identity is the beliefs and values of a company. These can be communicated through business apparel, letterhead, and website design.

A corporate identity helps create a sense of community and belonging for employees. It provides direction and meaning to their work and is an important factor in attracting talent as people want to work for companies that align with their values.

Ultimately, this is the image that an organization wants to portray that distinguishes it from other organizations in the same industry or sector.

It is also usually referred to as a company’s branding, however, the two, while similar, are not exactly the same.

via ‘Brand identity refers to the perception of a particular product, service or idea a company or individual business owner provides. In creating a brand identity, the goal is to distinguish your product, service or idea from similar products, services and ideas from other businesses.

‘Corporate identity is similar to brand identity. However, corporate identity refers to the perception of the entire company, not just one idea, product or service the company provides. One business may have many different brand identities wrapped up in its overall corporate identity.’