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In this Premiere Gal tutorial, you’re going to learn how to use two different methods to edit video to the beat of the music fast using the power of Automate to Sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro. ➜ Download Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro 2022:

Premiere Gal will show you how to use two different extensions: BeatMarker (Free) and BeatEdit (Paid Plugin), linked just below:

➜ Free BeatMaker by Accusonus:
➜ $99 BeatEdit for Premiere Pro:
➜ $199 BeatEdit Bundle (Pr, Ae, Au) by Mamoworld:

There are many limitations to BeatMaker and this is why I would recommend BeatEdit so you can edit 1/2 beats and more. But if you have another method, let me know in a Comment Below


0:00 Intro to Different Approaches
1:52 Thanks to Artlist and Artgrid
2:21 Breaking Down the Final Edit
4:29 How to Use Beat Marker
7:26 How to Organize Footage
7:54 Adding in and out points
8:20 Automate to Sequence
9:04 How to manually extend clip beat length
9:47 How to use Beat Edit
10:42 Automate clips to every 2 beats
12:07 Automate Clips at every 1/2 beat
14:05 How to add markers on the audio clip
15:10 How to roll out edits
15:58 Concluding recommendations for editing

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➜ More tools:

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