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W2BW Website Rebuild Proposal

This is a private, unlisted link that will not show up in any search engines or anywhere else on our website. Only people with this direct link can access this information. 

The Purpose of this Proposal:

This proposal is designed to display the website mockup we have created with W2BW’s core purposes of serving as a digital hub, where teens, parents, educators and the community at large can access a variety of resources and tools related to mental health and emotional wellbeing.

These mockups, as currently designed, should demonstrate our ability to curate and display user/staff generated content like pictures and videos and incorporate them into the website’s original content.

With more time we can also demonstrate our ability to collect user/staff generated content through use of online forms and or online competitions or challenges.


Website Mockup:

For your consideration, we have two versions of a mockup ‘Home’ and ‘Landing’ page linked below.

The two pages are not designed to necessarily work together on one website, and they purposely incorporate different design languages and styles just to give you an idea of what is possible.


Home Page: Green & Orange

For the ‘Home’ link we stuck to the green and orange hues of W2BW’s corporate colors on a pretty much 50/50 split. We also incorporated a bold sliding header which can link through to whatever we choose and can have as many or as little entries as necessary.

Some professional pictures have also been left on the website that are not associated with W2BW on parts where the pictures are stretching more than halfway across the page so the mockup can be viewed with the highest quality images instead of solely using downloads from Instagram.


Landing Page: Purple & Orange

For the ‘Landing’ link we pretty much muted everything down in terms of being bold and switched to purple instead of the green. In this case purple is being used as the primary color and orange as the secondary color because purple is the color that corresponds with the crown chakra which corresponds with mental health.

For both of the links there will be some spots with ‘lorem ipsum’ text to fill in the blanks and just populate the page though the best effort has been made to also copy and paste some existing text from Instagram and also tweak one or two titles here and there so they are a little more catchy.

You can also access the two different pages by clicking the ‘Home’ or ‘Landing’ buttons on the top right corner of the main navigation bar on the mockup website. 

Best Viewed on Desktop: 

Finally, both of these pages have not yet been optimized for mobile, so they are best experienced on a desktop computer for now. 


Here are the direct responses to your requests in the RFP:

Scope of Work: 

  • Project management – We are happy to lead the management or join a mastermind of creatives.
  • Content updates – For content updates we can setup individual contributor accounts for manual updates from the team and we can also automatically pull in content from any of Providence’s content on Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, Vimeo, Pinterest, or Instagram (including hashtag tracking) and repurpose them as blog posts on the website.
  • Copywriting – We will use a combination of formal training in the Associated Press Stylebook and the day to day ‘regular’ communication that people are use to help deliver W2BW’s message with an impact.
  • Visual design leveraging Providence brand guidelines – We are always happy to comply with and incorporate Providence’s brand guidelines.
  • Search engine optimization – Extremely important. We will include relevant keywords while adhering to Google’s SEO standards and best practices for original content by incorporating a combination of user/staff generated content, and original Ai content if and when necessary. We can also utilize third party apps and plugins to check in on any competition or similar projects and incorporate any SEO strategies that seem to work for them. 
  • Front-end coding (HTML/CSS, animations) – We are proficient in HTML/CSS, animations and are always learning more languages and coding techniques as we go along. 
  • Back-end coding (CMS, 3rd party APIs) – We currently use WordPress to build all of our websites and primarily use Ionos as a host. Of course, we’ll be more than happy to use Providence’s hosting instead.
  • Custom software or app development – Depending on the type of app or software, we will be happy to discuss Providence’s needs.
  • Mobile device optimization – We are experts at optimizing our websites for mobile devices. 
  • Testing & quality assurance – Administration is where we shine the most. We are constantly checking and ensuring that our quality is controlled to our clients’ standards. 
  • Software training (as needed) – Whenever there is an opportunity to grow the team or someone just needs a pointer, we will be happy to share the knowledge so we can all grow. 

Technical Requirements: 

Content Management Software – We are happy to continue to use WordPress.

Hosting – We are happy to continue to use Bit Developers.

Integrations – We will install and track Google Analytics and can provide access for users/staff/contributors to access and download content publicly or privately even including password protection if it is deemed appropriate and necessary.

Project Goals:

1) Refreshed, modern and up-to-date redesign of our existing website. – Please let us know how we did. Of course, this was done very quickly. It will only get better with the luxury of time. 

2) Incorporation of our recently designed logo and branding using our brand guidelines. – To create the mockup we have incorporated W2BW’s corporate colors while respecting the new branding and logo until we are granted permission to utilize it. We did use some pictures from Instagram that may have the logo already edited into them. Once permission is granted, we’ll be happy to incorporate it. 

3) Identification and implementation of a solution to be able to track the use of content on the website (e.g., curriculum downloads, website access by state or region, link backs to social media) – We have world-class analytical solutions that will track everything that is accessed or downloaded on the website and the location and ip addresses within the constraints of current technology.



The goal is to leverage the site map that current exists at We recognize there is an opportunity to streamline the current number of web pages and enhance the navigation menu to make it more user friendly. We can discuss this through the discovery process. – We’ll be happy to use and grow the current site map. 

User Accounts – We will require multiple user accounts to manage content. We have a matrixed organization and have other teams across the organization who will need access to post articles and other content to the website. – We can customize access to the website as required. We are already familiarized with Providence’s matrix and will be happy to learn more about it and structure the user accounts accordingly. 

Budget – The budget for this new website is $25,000 – $50,000 depending on how closely aligned the proposal is to the project goals. Our annual budget is $10,000 for ongoing support and maintenance. – It’s a little difficult to itemize a budget for a website project that hasn’t started rolling yet because there will likely be plugins and services required that have not been identified yet. No two websites are ever truly the same so it’s hard to predict what will be needed in these cases.

With that in mind, based on everything presented in the RFP, we have 2 proposed budgets for this project:
Proposed Budget 1: $40,000 for the initial website building and setup and $10,000/year for the administration.
Proposed Budget 2: $0 for the initial website building and setup and a flat monthly rate of $4,000/month.

The second option would be the most recommended option because administering a website is a lot more important to the long-term success of a website then just building it. The most successful websites benefit from a constant flow of daily updates and moderation and are flexible enough to make any necessary changes in a timely fashion whether they relate to design, features, functionality or security.

It will also reduce the chances of having to switch developers and administrators whenever it’s time to make the next major website update and you will have an administrator who is completely familiar with the journey and voice of the brand.

Project Timeline – The timeline for this project is to be complete before the end of Q1 2022, preferrable before February 26th.  – This is a very reasonable timeline which we can fulfill. We will also be happy to develop a more detailed timeline for major tasks and milestones as the project develops.

Criteria for Selection 

  • Agency experience and expertise: I’ve added a third link below which will send you to an unlisted link with our Providence Archives (you will need to create an account on this website and login to view the actual content) for video content production which features many of the videos for the website of course. Over the past 6 years we have continued to deliver high-quality work for Providence and it’s subsidiaries and we look forward to continuing this relationship as we grow as an agency.
  • Capabilities: While we currently have full capabilities to perform the tasks listed in this RFP, our greatest ability is the ability to learn new things so you can rest assured that if anything we’re not familiar with comes our way we will get to the bottom of it, even if it means learning something new.
  • Portfolio review: We currently do not have any websites in our portfolio that directly align with the look and feel we believe you are looking for, which is why we have created these two mockup websites below for your convenience and to enable you to perform any due diligence.



Thanks kindly for taking some time out to consider our proposal Jawanza. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions for us. 


Warm regards,

Dumisani Maraire Jr.
Media Direct